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Technologies For Worship Magazine - May 2009

Posted by Doug Taylor, 05/13/2009 04:12 PM

Happy 1-Year Anniversary!

A year ago today, I took the first step to changing my life, for the rest of my life. I’m exactly 42 pounds lighter today than I was this day last year.

Posted by Doug Taylor, 03/16/2009 06:03 PM

Quote of The Week for Monday 3/16/09

-A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step._ Lao-tzu, The Way of Lao-tzu Chinese philosopher (604 BC – 531 BC)

Posted by Doug Taylor, 03/16/2009 03:37 PM

Quote of The Week for Monday 3/9/09

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

~Benjamin Franklin

Posted by Doug Taylor, 03/09/2009 04:16 PM

What's a Podcast?

As podcasting continues to grow, more and more people are asking the question, what’s a podcast? Not to worry, many “experts” still have no clue as to the correct definition, even though they write, speak and present it (inaccurately) with great conviction.

Posted by Doug Taylor, 03/05/2009 04:33 PM

In our ongoing tech series, we speak to Doug Taylor, founder and CEO of Modified Media, the makers of PodcastPeople.

Q: What’s the pitch? Create a podcast in less than 5 minutes while maintaining control of your media and your brands message.

Posted by Doug Taylor, 03/04/2009 10:15 AM

Doug Taylor and PodcastPeople featured in Toastmasters magazine...

PodcastPeople featured in Toastmasters magazine.

Posted by Doug Taylor, 03/03/2009 03:12 PM

Quote of The Week for Monday 3/2/09

“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”

~Sir Winston Churchill

Posted by Doug Taylor, 03/02/2009 12:01 AM