Professor Proposes Taking Open Education to the next level... E3.0!

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As the creator of PodcastPeople, a web service rapidly growing in Education 3.0 (or E3.0 as I like to call it), we’re seeing a growing number of educators who are interested in taking their lecture materials, assignments, etc. and turning them into podcasts to make available online to anyone wishing to learn from them. One such educator fueling the E3.0 movement is David Parry, an assistant professor of emerging media and communications at the University of Texas who wants to hold weekly online discussion groups via video chat for those “not” enrolled at the University. Mr Parry was quick to point out “This would not be for credit from UTD, the knowledge is free, the degree will cost you money.”

On his blog, academHack Mr. Parry posted the working syllabus in an attempt to elicit some feedback from his upcoming grad class before finalizing it. What he didn’t anticipate was interest from people in his twitter network, mostly grad. students at other universities, where a course like his was not offered. So, Mr. Parry starts to think, why not give the class away for free to those who want it? I love this guy! Creative, forward thinking and selfless. Now, if only TPTB at the university go for it, that would truly be progressive thinking / action.

Kudos David!


By Doug Taylor 08/14/2008 10:55 AM

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