Sirius, XM deal splits experts - I like what I'm reading!

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Adrian McCoy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote an article on August 12, 2008 that sheds some interesting insights on the future of podcasting. While I’m psyched to read this kind of stuff, I’m not at all surprised. Here are a few excerpts;

“Industry observers agree that it’s highly unlikely that a second player would enter the satellite radio field. Instead, the competition is coming from a wide array of media. Satellite radio, like terrestrial radio, faces increased competition from new media platforms that don’t require a costly satellite network—Internet radio, podcasting and increased sales of iPods and other portable music players.”

“A lot of analysts and experts think that given the explosion of podcasting and the talk about wireless Internet in the car, there’s a real question whether even a monopoly satellite radio provider is going to be able to survive.”

By Doug Taylor 08/14/2008 08:24 PM

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