Dedicated Podcast Audience Up 300%

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Podcasting continues to grow by leaps and bounds, with the total audience for podcasts increasing by 58% in under two years, according to research by the Pew Internet Project. The dedicated podcast audience – those that download podcasts every day – has gone up 300% in the same time. While none of this comes as a surprise to me, I am happy to see the numbers starting to corroborate what I have personally experienced managing PodcastPeople.

Pew also found a strong correlation between broadband access and podcast use: Internet users with broadband and premium broadband access at home are significantly more likely than the average internet user to have ever downloaded a podcast, with twice as many premium home broadband users being daily podcast users.

Additionally, men continue to be more likely than women to download podcasts:

22% of online men have downloaded a podcast 16% of online women have downloaded a podcast Men and women are equally likely (3%) to download podcasts on a typical day.

Age differences are more defined with regard to podcast downloading than they were in 2006 when all age groups, except for those 65 and older, were almost equally likely to download podcasts. Now, the dividing line is around the age of 50, with internet users under 50 years old significantly more likely than older users to download podcasts. Fully 23% of those under 50 say they have ever downloaded a podcast and 4% downloaded one yesterday, compared with 13% and 1% of their older counterparts. Since 2006, younger generations have more fully embraced the technology, their percentages nearly doubling since 2006.

I like what I’m seeing and reading.


By Doug Taylor 08/29/2008 09:13 AM

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