How did you arrive at the polling station to cast your vote this past November? I'm fairly certain it wasn't in a wheelbarrow.

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Given the constant barrage of doom and gloom dialogue that we’re subjected to on a daily basis, we’d all do well to stop, look around and count our blessings. To live fully in the moment and no where else. I encourage you try to think of nothing at all for 60 seconds. If you have trouble keeping your mind from wandering (as most of us do) then ask yourself this question, “what is lacking in my life at this exact moment?” Not 2 minutes from now, not 2 days from now or 2 months from now but at this exact moment?

If you’re reading this post, then I’d be fairly confident in saying that NOTHING is lacking at this precise moment!

Most, if not all of your essentials have been met. You, your spouse, kids, etc. are probably not starving, (although most of us could afford to skip a meal or 5 but that’s another post for later), you’re warm, you’re bathed, you’re wearing clean clothing, you’re safe, you’re connected to the web, the list could go on and on. Now, I understand that I’m over simplifying life’s challenges but what’s wrong with that?

Think about it this way, anxiety and fear cannot possibly exist in the present moment unless you’re being victimized at precisely this moment. And most of us are not being victimized at precisely this moment.

Again, I understand that I’m over simplifying and again, I’ll ask “what’s wrong with that?”. Don’t kids do the same thing? I know my kids aren’t worried about the economic shit-storm we’re in… they’re only thinking about which movie they’ll be seeing this weekend and which friends house will be chosen for the sleep over. Maybe the kids are onto something and I should think that way too. At least that way if I miss my mortgage payment on the 1st, then at least I would have been thinking about who’s house I’d be sleeping over at ;-)

By the way, did you happen to see the smile on the guy’s face in the photo? Maybe our SUV’s are over-rated after all. Honey, get ready we’re going out for dinner tonight… Son, get the wheelbarrow out and hose her down, I’m taking your mother out for a night on the town!

Life is good, America is the greatest country on earth and while we’re certainly being tested, we have to remember that we’re also not taking our significant other to the polling station in a wheelbarrow!

Stay positive, stay centered and try to stay in the present moment for that is the only place that life is lived.

By Doug Taylor 01/26/2009 09:32 AM

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