New research suggests students perform better on exams when they study with a podcast.

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Many teachers in Northwest Arkansas are moving toward this tech-savvy teaching tool. Each week, 7-th grader Clio Rom records a podcast of McNair Middle School events. For her, and many others her age, the technology is nothing new. The school hopes to expand podcasting into each classroom. “If you can take something that they learn here at school and incorporate it into something they love to do at home and getting online and using their cell phones and getting on the internet and using their ipods, it’s just a great opportunity for learning that we need to take advantage of,” says Jay Mirus, Technology Integration Specialist for McNair.

By Doug Taylor 02/24/2009 09:09 AM

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  1. Steve Olenski wrote on 03/04/2009 11:44 AM

    This is the just the beginning, folks. Podcasting is now and will be an essential aid and teaching tool for generations to come. I predict schools around the country AND the world will use the power of podcasting to augment and support their curriculum(s).

  2. Doug Taylor wrote on 03/04/2009 11:49 AM

    Steve, Couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for contributing. DT

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