151 Creek Rd. Glen Mills PA 19342 Sold by Realtor Using Rap Video - Presented by Taylor Real Estate Experience

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Doug: And we’re back, it’s Tuesday Yep you’ve guessed it more brokers opens, up next 151 Creek Rd., Glen Mills PA Jill go!

Jill: Doug it is great to be back and yes I’m ready to go. This is a fun video today. This house is so unique, the approaching you’ve taken is fantastic.

Doug: Thank you Jill I appreciate that. You know what we just couldn’t do the Doug and Jill show on this one. We couldn’t ooh and ahh the granite countertops and the floors and this and that. We had to go way over the top, to that end we’ve created a music video. We present to you 151 Creek Rd. The Music Video!


151 Creek Rd. 151 Creek Rd. 151 Creek Rd

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By Doug Taylor 04/10/2015 10:19 PM

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