About the Show

Hosted by Doug Taylor, husband, father, friend, drummer, writer, producer and 53 year old CEO of Modified Media, Inc. The 3rd Quarter Gut Check aka #3QGC is a podcast and video series dedicated to helping people who are fast approaching 50, just turning 50 or over 50 years of age and looking to take their lives to the highest levels of personal, spiritual, and financial success. Together, as a community, Doug along with his guests share their Inspirational stories of encouragement in an attempt to help others to find their own pathway forward as they live in the 3rd Quarter. Whether it’s a “pick me up” or just ready to kick some serious ass in life… the 3QGC Podcast is here with, and for you! It also may change your life, if you’re ready for it!


Doug Taylor

In 2004 I founded Modified Media to focus on building publishing platforms to simplify online communication. Our first product, PodcastPeople.com was launched in 2005. Today, through thousands of channel producers, the platform has made it possible to educate, minister, and entertain millions of people around the globe. Modified Media has now expanded into enterprise level PaaS solutions, providing secure communications platforms to SMB’s and government entities. The company also provides turn-key white label solutions to resellers in various vertical markets. My unwavering commitment to exceptional customer experiences and service is at the core of everything I build — be it software or stage shows.